The long-maligned Madden 21 franchise model is about to usher in a big update

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Since EA added the franchise mode to the Madden series of games, players have loved the joy this mode brings to them. However, with the development of the times, the franchise can no longer satisfy players’ demands for new fun. So they have always hoped that EA can advance with the times to upgrade the franchise to a more complete level, but the game team has not done so, which has caused dissatisfaction among many players. They can only spend their MUT 21 Coins in other game modes.

For a long time, the franchise model of player transactions has been criticized, either too easy to manipulate, or because the transaction caused the team to abandon outstanding players for no reason. EA Tiburon stated that they are developing a new benchmark scale around players and draft weights by reconsidering every factor and modifier currently used in trading. Developers are also committed to addressing the top community exploits surrounding AI trading and considering how to improve or increase how AI evaluates Madden 21 Coins from other teams.

Fortunately, just a few days ago, the game team finally made a major optimization of the franchise. It has alleviated the disappointment and dissatisfaction of players towards EA to a certain extent. The three franchise MUT 21 Coins that will be added to the game will bring players a new and reformed experience. Players who are already tiring of the existing content of Madden can enter the franchise interface to see how it will be presented.

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