What Madden 21 players can enjoy in playoff promotions

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The NFL playoffs have already started, and EA takes this opportunity to add NFL playoff promotions to Madden NFL 21 to provide players with the latest fun. Many players who are eager to get new players or new items have spent a lot of MUT 21 Coins to achieve the purpose of strengthening their team. Let us see what are the highlights.

On NFC, Chicago Bears fans will be happy to see the upgraded Mitchell Trubisky card, which has 96 throwing power, 93 short pass accuracy and 89 speed. His teammate Akiem Hicks also joined the game, and he also won a new 95 OVR project. Other participants in the NFC promotion include Bucs quarterback Tom Brady, Rams receiver Robert Woods and Seahawks WR DK Metcalf.

Players can get 95 OVR playoff hero items by completing new missions and earning 60 stars. In addition, cards can be purchased randomly in Madden stores or through auction houses by bidding. Players can trade three 89-90 OVR cards, five 87-88 OVR cards, and seven 85-86 OVR cards to get the 95 OVR playoff celebration MUT 21 Coins. This will allow the selection of any 94 OVR playoffs to celebrate players.

By entering the Madden 21 Ultimate Team and heading to the challenge, players will discover the NFL playoff celebrations. This challenge sequence has different missions to get stars, coins and 95 OVR NAT playoff heroes. Now these two sequences are the celebration of the playoffs and the possibility of next year. The playoffs celebrated 56 stars and 6,300 Madden Coins. Maybe next year it will be worth 44 stars and 4,950 Madden Coins.

There will also be weekly missions under Super Bowl Prep: Launch. By completing the weekly playoffs missions, gamers gain Super Bowl Prep Tokens. They’ll be exchangeable for an Elite Super Bowl Player in February. This part of the promo ends January 15 at 10 a.m. ET. Last year, gamers could get a pretty nice card for Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes, so it should interest to see who it is this year. Players can also Buy more Cheap Madden Coins at GameMS, do whatever they want!